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black exotic shorthair
black exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Color

Exotic Shorthair cats come in all color variations.

Exotic Shorthair Cat Appearance

The gentle Exotic Shorthair is a Persian in its pajamas and is the ideal cat for those who love the look of the Persian but do not have the time or inclination to take care of all that hair.
Sometimes called ‘the lazy man’s Persian’, the Exotic Shorthair is bred to be just like the Persian-except with a short, dense coat instead of a long flowing one. Exotics have the same pansy-like sweet face and short nose with big eyes and the same short square body giving them a cuddly bear-like look


Exotic Shorthairs have a gentle and calm personality reminiscent of the Persian, but are livelier than their longhaired ancestors.Curious and playful, they are friendly to other cats and dogs.
They don’t like being left alone, and need the presence of their owner (or of voices or smells reminiscent of their owner, such as a radio). They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats. Their calm and steady nature makes them ideal apartment cats for city dwellers. Nonetheless, Exotics retain some of the energetic spark of their American Shorthair forebears and they are often capable mouse hunters

Exotic Shorthair Price

Depends on where you live, what breeder you purchase from, and if you want a show-quality cat. If you just want a pet, it will probably range from $500-700. If you want show-material, it can range up to $1000+

More Pictures Of Exotic Shorthair Cats

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