Kitten Found in Wooden Reel Miraculously Survives Despite Having No Food and Water for Days


A tiny kitten fought his way to survival. He lost a paw, but gained a full life!

Meet Billy the kitty!

In Oct, people at the African Maritime Services in Cape Town heard something coming from the factory and started tracking in on the sound that looked like a cry from an animal.

They thought it was a bird in problems initially but were later surprised by what they found. “Much to our amazement we eventually identified the sound as emanating from inside the wooden reel. On looking closely with a torch we saw 3 very small kittens (eyes still closed) hiding in the reel’s core,” Rob said.

Credit: The kitten cottage

They carefully got the tiny kittens out, but sadly two of them had already passed away. The surviving black kitten was fighting to live.

“We were amazed that not having had food or water for at least 3 days as well as having a severely injured paw, he was still able to survive and raise the alarm.”

Credit: The kitten cottage

One of the employees quickly got some water for the little kitten and carefully fed it to his mouth holding him close to keep him warm.

“I called my wife, Sue, and told her we needed help, fast! She and our daughter, Louise, quickly arranged to get Billy to the Kitten Cottage.”

The tiny kitten was a fighter and was put in the good hands of Paulette from the Kitten Cottage. She took him home to foster and cared for him around.
The little fur buddy started to heal and got better every day.

After 3 days of antibiotics, great care and lot’s of love, little Billy’s eyes cleared up.
He lost his bad paw but learned to adapt to living with three paws like a fighter would.

Adorable little Billy is quite the charmer!

Billy has grown so much since he came to the Kitten Cottage. He loves playing in the garden and can run around on his three paws like a pro.

The little buddy’s leg has all healed up. He is ready for his next chapter in life. Billy climbed up a tree in the garden, loving all the life adventures.

Little Billy after he was rescued. What a fighter!


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