A tiny  kitten, born just half the size of a normal kitten from the litter, was rejected by her cat-mom, but she refused to give up on life.

Meet Winifred the micro kitten!

After she was born, Winifred and her brother were rejected by the mother due to their tiny size. The mother cat didn’t believe they would be able to survive, so decided to put all her energy on nursing her healthier babies.


Winifred was only 1.3 ounces which is half the size of normal birthweight.

Ellen used a tube to feed the babies instead of a standard bottle because they were so tiny. At two weeks old, Winifred was the size of an actual newborn kitten.


Her brother sadly didn’t make it. “He passed two days later suddenly in his sleep, which is common for kittens of this size.”


But little Winifred kept chugging along.

At 19 days old, Winifred was the size of a one-week old kitten.

“She is starting to interact more, be affectionate, purrs, and can see and hear fully now!”


“We treated her like the tiny precious gem she is and Benny doted on her the day she came home,” Ellen told.

Benny, who is a rescue himself, has a lot of love for kittens in need.


We call it ‘Benny blessings’ since he always starts by patting the kittens on the head then he will start grooming them.

Benny becomes “dad” to all of his babies and he took to Winifred just the same.

“She will let him groom her, sleeps with him and shares meals each time. Benny will also sleep next to the incubator at night either on his cat tree that is next to it, or on my head since the incubator is on my night stand. He is always the first to alert me if the kittens are up.”


At 43 days now, the little micro kitten weighs 11 ounces, “which is still tiny in stature but structure wise she is normal and acts normal for her age.”







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