Heartbreaking pictures have emerged of a feline mourning the death of her kittens, which were stabbed. This cruel act took place in China.
One was even decapitated by a brutal killer.
The little kittens, which were too young even to open their eyes, were found by an old lady who has been taking care of homeless cats in the city of Xi’an for quite some time.


Mrs. Yang often feeds the cats and provides them with boxes for shelter whenever they turn up.
But her love of cats is not shared by many of the locals, many of whom blame the strays for bringing diseases or just consider them pests.
Mrs. Yang spotted two kittens and their mother one day and gave them a box, which she placed in a roadside garden near her home.


The mother cat refused to leave, seemingly distraught at her murdered offspring.
Mrs. Yang said there was no video footage of the cat killer and local police had shown no interest in helping her find the people responsible for this act.
She said: ‘The kittens were obviously killed and this by a knife. How could anyone be so cruel?’
Mrs Yang has buried the kittens nearby but their mother’s grief will never go away.


How can anyone be so cruel to anyone, anything… I just don’t understand.
Let’s hope by sharing this anyone saw something after all!



  1. It’s disgusting over there anyway!! People don’t have any soul or passion for animals beside the odd few! They eat anything in their path! Weird creatures in China! They’re not even people or human or even part of the human race! That is how I feel! Barbaric, disgusting beings on this earth that need disposed of! God will take action in time! If not, it will be us! ???

  2. What a disgusting, putrid, festering pustule of a person… I hope the soulless person who did this dies a horrid death. I’ve never hoped death on anyone online before but there is no point in keeping a person like that alive. They just become worse and worse.

  3. How about if you want to kill something you start with yourself instead of breaking the heart of an animal that has no voice or control of what shit humans do. I’m sick to death of seeing stuff like this coming up on my feed.?It’s heartbreaking ??

  4. This is so heartbreaking. I wonder whatever happened to kindness and caring, what makes a person so such horrible things.. surly it’s not for the thrill of it.

  5. What is wrong with the Chinese when it comes to animals? The idiots don’t realise that these cats stop disease from spreading by naturally keeping the mice and rat population down. I feel sick and disgusted on a daily basis by reading of the animal cruelty and barbarity that goes on in China. It is a country I will never visit and I think animal lovers should protest with their pockets as much as they can.

  6. Peopele don’t have hearts anymore, i just don’t understand what have people aganst animels what, what i think that if someone kills animel it should be a crime like if you killed a human because both of them are alive and they have feelings aswell as a human or animal !!!

  7. C?????it was really sad, people doing this are not human, they are belong to SATANIC groups, I really love cats I felt pitty to those cats roaming around, looking for the food to eat,, please have a good heart, instead of killing just try to give them food, be kind to animal, coz they are the best of friend,

  8. i bet the killers must have seen other men did to dogs that they killed and eat them…no wonder they must have try to do kittens…stupid thier ugly rules!!! be respect as they are innocents! they are helpful when they killed mices, or small creatures to less trouble in thier gardens….


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